New Regulations on Short-Term Rentals in Hall County

Hall County has just passed new regulations and guidelines that will directly impact homeowners with short-term rentals, including those renting their property on sites like AirBnB and VRBO. The goal is to create fair and enforceable guidelines when it comes to vacation rentals in our area.

In March of this year, the Hall County Board of Commissioners approved a new set of rules for vacation rentals that will require property owners to register with the county or face substantial penalties.  Hall County is only the second county in Georgia to implement county-specific regulations for these types of rentals.

Overview of New Rules:

  • Rental owners must have a local contact person (21 or older) registered with the county.
  • This contact must be available 24-7 and must respond to complaints within one hour.
  • Rental guests must have a “responsible person” on-site over the age of 25 years. This person will be legally responsibly for ensuring all occupants and guests of the property comply with county laws and regulations.
  • Homes must be rented out for a minimum of two nights.
  • All rental owners must agree and comply with regulations in advance.
  • A business license is required for each home rented in the county and is to be renewed annually.
  • You can see a full breakdown of the changes and regulations in the Hall County Short-Term Rental Owner guidebook.

Where do I start?

To safely and legally operate a short-term rental property, you need to follow these three steps:

  1. Obtain a short-term rental zoning affidavit at the Planning Department.
  2. Schedule a property inspection at the Building Inspections Office ($75).
  3. Schedule a property inspection with the Fire Marshal’s Office (only if your occupancy is 16 or more.)
  4. Obtain a business license. This will include registering your business with the IRS, obtaining a sales tax number and completing the license registration form.

The Carr Law Group has a team of experienced and knowledgeable real estate attorneys. Our team can help ensure that you are up to date and compliant with the city, county and HOA/POA regulations for your rental property. We can help ensure that all required steps are taken and that you have a management agreement prepared to protect you and your property.

How can we help?

If you manage an AirBnB, VRBO or other short-term property, let us help you in:

  1. Setting up an LLC;
  2. Establishing a business license and become compliant with county regulations;
  3. Providing insight on sales tax for the county and state;
  4. Forming management contracts and agreements.

What if I don’t live in Hall County?

While Hall County is the only one in this area to release county guidelines and ordinances related to short-term rentals, the legal protections, such as obtaining an LLC and the formation of a management agreement, are applicable across Georgia.

Injured in an AirBnB? Received a fine? At risk for eviction?

Whether you are a guest or an owner, you may find yourself needing legal help for an unforeseen accident or issue. You need an expert that is familiar with these laws to protect you and your property.

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