Practice Areas


Our firm has represented both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy. We assist individual and business debtors in determining whether bankruptcy is a solution to their financial problems. Bankruptcy can allow debtors to get rid of most, if not all, of their debt and often allows the debtor to keep all of their property and assets, including their home and vehicles. We assist creditors in protecting and collecting their interests through the bankruptcy process.  

For Frequently Asked Questions about bankruptcy, click here: Bankruptcy FAQ

Debt Restructure and Settlement

When bankruptcy is not an option, other creative solutions are necessary.  Our firm has assisted many clients in formulating a plan to protect their assets while simultaneously negotiating with their creditors and ultimately entering into structured settlements and protecting our clients most important assets.

Auto Accidents and Injury

If you or a loved-one has been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages from the at-fault party. Our firm will fight to maximize the value of your claim by holding the at-fault party liable and maximizing your potential damages. All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, so there are no up-front costs and we only get paid if your case is successful.


If you are considering filing for Divorce, or have been served with Divorce papers from your spouse, please contact us immediately as time is of the essence.  Time should not be wasted as critical steps to protect you, your assets and your children need to be taken immediately.  Our attorneys will discuss property, debt, alimony, custody and support issues.  The sooner that you consult with our Attorneys, the better your rights will be protected.  Our Attorneys will discuss specific deadlines with you and advise you on all Divorce related issues.  Our Attorneys have extensive knowledge and Courtroom experience in this area.  Call today for an initial consultaion.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Custody, click here: Divorce FAQ's

Child Custody and Support Issues

Are you in need of establishing custody?  Seeking child support?  Is there an emergency situation where your child is in immediate danger?  Contempt Issues? Are you seeking a change in custody?  Child custody and support is a complicated area of law and you should not proceed unrepresented.  Our children are our most important asset and The Carr Law Group is here to represent you in all matters related to Child custody and Support. Our Attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience with these types of cases.  If you have been served with legal documents or have a Child Custody/Support matter, contact us immediately.  If your children are in immediate danger, we can also assist with Emergency Orders and Family Violence issues.  

For Frequently Asked Questions about Custody, click here: Custody FAQ

Family Law

We handle all domestic cases, including divorces, child custody and child support. We have extensive experience dealing with Family Violence and Alcohol/Drug related issues. We understand that domestic situations can be very traumatic, emotional and dangerous. The Carr Law Group will help you through your difficult situation. We have the knowledge and understanding on how to proceed in domestic relation cases. We will advise you on your legal rights and will assist you on making the best decisions for you and your family. There are many documents which must be completed to obtain a divorce in the State of Georgia, especially when one or more minor child is concerned. It is very important to obtain legal counsel when dealing with domestic law issues.


If you have recently been arrested for a criminal offense, it is imperative that you immediately consult and hire an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your most important asset, your freedom.   We are experienced trial attorneys representing clients that are facing both Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses, including drug charges, DUI, assault, traffic tickets, burglary, theft, etc. 

Estate Planning

Our firm takes a very personal approach with regard to Estate Planning for families and individuals in our community. Every family’s and individual’s financial background is unique and requires a very personal estate plan to maximize tax savings, allow for an efficient distribution of the estate, and consider the current needs of the testator and the future needs of those left behind.


Should your loved one pass away without an estate plan, or if their will becomes disputed, the Carr Law Group will also help you navigate the complex world of Georgia probate law.  Our attorneys will advocate on your behalf and ensure your rights and the wishes of your departed loved ones are honored by the court.


Our firm routinely represents clients in a variety of litigation matters. Our attorneys can litigate any civil claim, from breach of contract, to negligence, to child support and custody, to divorce, to criminal defense, and much more.

Business Counsel

We provide a wide variety of services for corporations and other business entities, including the formation of limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations, along with a full range of business oriented services such as drafting contracts, leases, and other documents, and facilitating transactions such as the purchase or sale of real property. Further, we can help ensure that your corporation is meeting all the state legal requirements necessary to maintain the limited liability protections of your business entity of choice.

Business Collections

Our practice includes prosecuting and defending all types of mechanics’ lien claims and collection claims. When the firm assists a client in obtaining a judgment, we often assist that client in obtaining final payment or satisfaction of the judgment. We also advise our business clients on avoiding collection disputes, including the development and implementation of programs to enhance the effectiveness of their accounts and credit process. This includes preparation and advice regarding contracts, change orders, releases, lien waivers, notice to owners, claims of lien and other documents.

Contract Disputes

Our experience in both the construction and real estate fields, coupled with the diversity of our clientele, is sufficiently broad that our practice includes virtually every type of contract dispute.

Contract Preparation and Negotiation

We prepare contracts of all types, from those involved in real estate and construction, to employment, to services and products. We prepare simple and complex construction agreements, along with providing essential advice to both builders and homeowners in the negotiation of both residential and commercial construction contracts.

Real Estate

The Carr Law Group is a preferred firm in the community when dealing real estate, including title searches, title review, resolving title issues and drafting sales contracts, leases, and other documents associated with real estate transactions. Our firm represents and counsels clients with regard to planning and zoning issues. We also represent numerous Homeowner and Property Owner Associations, from startup to maintenance to Board guidance.

As a vital component of our real estate transaction practice, we routinely assist clients by examining title searches, preparing title opinions, and reviewing the status of title reports. We also serve as approved attorneys to issue title insurance commitments and policies on behalf of major national title insurance underwriters.

Construction Claims

We have extensive experience in preparing, analyzing, defending, and prosecuting virtually all types of construction claims, including disputes related to plans and specifications, as well as problems related to defective construction. Our experience includes prosecuting and defending construction defect claims and mechanics’ liens.

Real Estate Closings

In Georgia, a licensed attorney is required to close on all real estate transactions. Our office performs real estate closings for both residential and commercial properties.