Wills and Trusts

The process of creating a will or trust allows you to have control over how your affairs and assets are handled when you pass away. The Carr Law Group has proudly advised and assisted clients in the North Georgia area for decades with their estate planning goals and needs.

Creating a will or trust can be tedious and requires precise steps to execute it correctly. There are also some major differences between wills and trusts that are important to understand as you are going through the process. Our legal experts can help in providing insight and direction as to what your specific scenario may need.

We also have experience with more advanced estate planning circumstances where perhaps a complex family, marital, or financial situation exists. We can advise you on how best to navigate those situations as you are going through the process.

Whether you are the one wishing to create a will or trust, or you have found yourself in a position where a loved one has listed you in their will or trust, we can help. Our experts can also assist you should you wish to challenge a will or trust.

What is a Will?

A will is a document that provides clear instructions for how you want your affairs and assets handled upon your death. You will be required to name an executor and beneficiaries in this process. Upon your death, a standard will must be probated. This means that a court will supervise the division of your assets. Creating a will is a very necessary step in protecting your possessions and providing clear instructions for your wishes

What is a Trust?

A trust is a legal document that clearly expresses your wishes for your assets, including dependents and heirs. One of the biggest differences with a trust is that it can bypass the probate process. You will select a trustee who will manage and distribute your assets and ensure your requests are fulfilled. A trust also allows you to create end-of-life instructions and appoint a guardian should you become incapacitated and unable to manage your affairs. A trust goes into effect immediately, where a will goes into effect upon your death.

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Our team can provide detailed insight and explanation on the major differences in a will and a trust. We can also assist in determining which would be best suited or you. Serving clients throughout the North Georgia area, we have offices in Gainesville, Clarkesville and Cleveland for your convenience. For all your estate planning questions and needs, give us a call at 706-754-9231 or fill out our quick contact form for a free consultation.

Client Testimonial

Spencer Carr was absolutely fantastic! He was attentive and super responsive to our every need in helping me close out my father’s estate. He truly goes above and beyond.–R. Lee