When your finances are beyond your control, it can truly feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Creditors harass you at all hours. The threat of lawsuits or repossession is overwhelming. Every paycheck goes straight to covering your bills, which means other necessary expenditures get ignored, placing you even further in the hole and risking your health and sanity. If this is you, we can help.

Whether a financial crisis is sparked by job loss, a failed business venture, excessive tax debt or a serious medical crisis, sometimes the solution that provides the most protection for you and your family is bankruptcy.

At Carr Law Group, we understand that filing for bankruptcy is both intimidating and full of unknowns. We are here for you and stand ready to help protect you from aggressive creditor action.

Our team of attorneys has aided people from all walks of life in their journey to escape crushing debt while maintaining ownership of essential property and assets. We have represented teachers, bankers, plant workers, business owners, lawyers, and even judges. We can handle bankruptcy filings in any jurisdiction in Georgia.

Get started today with a free consultation if you are struggling with and/or considering any of the following:
  • Foreclosure
  • Lawsuits
  • Tax debt
  • Credit Card debt
  • Medical bills
  • Repossession

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While it is not necessary to bring anything with you to your first appointment, if you want to get a head start, access and print off our Bankruptcy Client Questionnaire and start gathering the documents that are requested.


Want to learn more about bankruptcy? Read our FAQ section.

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Let our team of experts help you regain control of your life. We are ready and willing to stop harassing phone calls from collectors, negotiate with creditors and lenders on your behalf, provide creative alternatives to bankruptcy (including structured debt settlements or loan workouts), stop liens, judgments, garnishments and lawsuits, and prevent foreclosure and repossession to help you keep your most important assets, such as your home and vehicles.

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