Real Estate, HOA's, Refinance

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

The practices of home ownership and land development are cornerstones of the American economy.  Our firm is proud to represent numerous clients involved in the residential real estate and construction industries, including builders, developers, realtors, and homeowners.  As an owner, developer, general contractor or subcontractor, you have legally enforceable rights in all disputes regarding real estate, no matter how large or small. 

Services to these clients include the following:

  • Contract preparation and negotiation
  • Contract administration
  • Analysis and resolution of claims and disputes
  • Litigation
  • Mediation and arbitration proceedings
  • Construction defect claims brought by homeowners
  • Countersuits by developers/owners
  • Prosecution and defense of mechanics’ lien claims
  • Cases involving liability theories
  • Defense of negligence claims in construction

Our experience in both the construction and real estate fields, coupled with the diversity of our clientele, is sufficiently broad that our practice includes virtually every type of contract dispute.

HOA/POA Counsel

The Carr Law Group represents many HOAs and POAs in our community.  We have clients who govern as few as 10 lots and others as many as 500.  Regardless of the size, The Carr Law Group strives to find an affordable way to assist any HOA/POA in the following areas:

  • Association structure and organization
  • By-Law and Covenant interpretation, development, enforcement and guidance
  • Collection calls, letters and liens
  • Board Development and Management Support

Ensure the rights of your home or livelihood are protected by the experienced, trustworthy team ready to go to bat for you — contact The Carr Law Group today.